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A sports podiatrist is an essential part of any athlete’s team. Whether you’re a runner, jumper, swimmer, or kicker, your feet keep you doing what you do best— so make sure you look after them. A sports podiatrist will help you do just that, so you can do what you love and have your feet feel their best while you’re at it.

Orthotic Therapy As A Sports Podiatry Treatment

Sports injuries affecting the feet and lower limbs can easily stop you from doing what you love. We don’t want you to miss out any more than you have to, and we’ve found that orthotic therapy is often a useful podiatry treatment. By using orthotic therapy as part of your treatment, you may speed up your recovery time plus reduce your risk of re-injury in the future.

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Your Sports Podiatry Questions Answered

  • What techniques do sports podiatrists use?

    The technique or techniques that a sports podiatrist uses will depend on the person’s specific injury, how it impacts them, and the severity of the injury. While one treatment may be effective for one person, it may not work in the same way for another person with the same injury.

    Techniques that sports podiatrists may use include:

    • Joint mobilisation
    • Injection therapy
    • Soft tissue manipulation
    • Biomechanical assessments
    • Orthotics
    • Conditioning of the lower extremities
    • Footwear prescription
    • Muscle strengthening exercises
  • What can cause sports injuries?

    Anybody who plays sport, or exercises for enjoyment and overall health, may develop a sports injury. Regardless of their age, fitness level, or specific sports or exercise, everybody should take as many precautions as possible to avoid acquiring a sports injury.

    Common causes of sports injuries include:

    • Poorly fitting footwear
    • Inadequate warming up
    • Overuse or overtraining
    • Poor biomechanics
    • Weak surrounding muscles
    • Poor bone alignment
    • Cartilage damage
    • Poor foot position
    • Poor foot function
    • Poor foot strength

Get Back In The Game With Sports Podiatry

A sports podiatrist is a podiatrist who deals specifically with foot and lower leg injuries and/or conditions caused by playing sports. The sports injuries that sports podiatrists see can be due to new, old, or reactivated injuries. Essentially, sports podiatry is a branch of podiatry that aims to assess, diagnose, and treat foot and lower limb injuries resulting from sports or exercise.

You don’t need to be a professional athlete by any means to see a sports podiatrist. People who play sports at any level are vulnerable to sports injuries, whether they’re a beginner or play in the big leagues.

Sports podiatry is also about prevention as much as it is treatment. Sports podiatrists regularly see athletes who do not have any current or previous sports injuries as a form of preventative treatment. This is so they can lessen their chances of acquiring an injury, and if they do, make it less severe and easier to manage.

Kick Goals With Doubleview Podiatry

At Doubleview Podiatry we aim to return you to your former level of function as quickly and safely as possible so you can get back out there and reach your goals.

Experienced Podiatrists
Our team of podiatrists has the knowledge and experience in helping people with many types of sports injuries.

Great Location
Situated in Scarborough, you can easily get to Doubleview Podiatry from the northern and western suburbs.

Wide Range Of Treatments
Whether you’re interested in orthotics or something else, we offer the latest and greatest in sports podiatry treatments.

On Your Marks, Get Set…

No matter the sport you play, we understand it’s your passion and want to help you get back to it as quickly— and as safely— as possible.


Sports podiatry is essential to athletes of all ages and levels due to the competitive and physical nature of sports. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, and whether you have an old injury, a new one, or are hoping to prevent an injury in the first place, we’re here for you. To get started with our experienced sports podiatrists, book an appointment today.
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Daniel Ryan

Since working in podiatry, I have routinely witnessed the benefits that can be achieved through custom orthotic prescription. By combining video footage, pressure analysis, and biomechanical assessment, I have had fantastic results when tailoring customised orthotics as a part of clients rehabilitation programs. Orthotics play a pivotal role in comprehensive treatment programs, helping to adjust biomechanical deficiencies, reduce pain and return to activity. Throughout my life, I have also used orthotics to overcome several of my own foot and lower limb injuries, so understand things from a patient’s perspective.

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