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Find relief from misshapen or ingrown toenails with nail bracing.

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Non-Invasive Nail Bracing Treatment

Do you suffer from unsightly or painful ingrown toenails? Nail bracing may be an option for you. Doubleview Podiatry now offers this affordable, non-invasive treatment that aims to have your nails as straight as an arrow in no time! We’re also the only podiatry clinic in WA trained by BS Brace Australia.


What is Nail Bracing?

The treatment involves mounting a specialised, flat brace to a curved toenail. The brace works towards returning the nail to its regular shape as it grows and heals. As it does so, it draws the nail with it, releasing the pressure of the nail on the nail bed.

Doubleview Podiatry is the only podiatry clinic in Perth that fixes ingrown toenails with the revolutionary BS Nail Brace. Once applied, the brace is left on for a month, at which point your podiatrist will replace it with a fresh brace.

For many people, the effects of nail bracing can be felt almost immediately. The time frame needed to completely straighten the nail will depend on the severity of the curvature, but typically it will take between three to nine months.


What Conditions Can Nail Bracing Treat?

A nail brace may be useful for anyone who suffers from excessive curvature of the nail. It could be especially beneficial if you suffer pain from this ailment or if you have not responded adequately to other conservative treatments.

Nail bracing may be beneficial for several concerns. These can include:

  • Ingrown toenails.
  • Curled toenails.
  • Damaged toenails.
  • Ongoing pain.
  • Inflammation.
  • Unsightly nails.

As this treatment is non-invasive, it is suitable for most people, including the elderly, children, and individuals with diabetes. Nail bracing is generally not recommended if you plan to play sports that involve kicking, such as football, or tight-fitting shoes, such as ballet flats.

Frequently Asked Nail Bracing Questions

  • If I have a fungal nail infection, can I use a nail brace for an ingrown toenail?

    An infection may reduce the strength or integrity of your nail, which may affect the function of a nail brace. Your podiatrist may wish to treat the infection first before considering the use of a nail brace.

  • How long does the tension of the brace last?

    One brace lasts for approximately 4 weeks. After this time, a new brace will be applied to the nail plate.

  • How many times should I have the brace applied?

    The number of applications you will need depends on the severity of your condition. The band grows with the toenail, which may mean that you need approximately 1 – 4 applications before the condition is resolved.

  • How long does it take to see a difference?

    The effect of the brace varies depending on the shape and thickness of the individual nail. However, most people feel some improvement soon after beginning treatment.

  • Can you see the nail brace?

    The nail brace, which is placed over the base of the nail, is transparent and hard to see. If you would like, you can paint the brace with nail polish.

  • Is nail bracing painful?

    Most people experience little or no discomfort when the nail brace is put on and while it is in use.

  • Will a nail brace affect my lifestyle?

    Nail bracing doesn’t interfere with any of the activities you love, such as swimming, running or cycling. You can even put nail polish over the brace. You should not need to change any of your footwear to accommodate the brace.

  • Can an ingrown toenail be non-surgically straightened?

    Lots of people think surgery is the only way to fix an ingrown toenail, but that just isn’t true. A BS nail brace is a transparent strip that straightens the nail out without any surgical intervention.

Why Choose Doubleview Podiatry For Nail Bracing?

Our podiatrists are highly qualified and experienced when it comes to nail treatments such as nail bracing. We are proud to offer Perth residents this cutting-edge treatment and look forward to supporting you.


Unique Treatment Access

Not just any podiatry clinic in Perth offers the revolutionary BS nail brace! We are trained to perform this nail treatment to a high standard and regularly help patients towards better comfort.

Friendly Team

We are a great bunch of podiatrists ready to help you with your foot concerns!

Safe And Supportive Environment

We understand some nail treatments might seem daunting, but we are here to help you through every step. We will discuss with you the planned treatment and answer any questions you may have.

Experience Less Pain And Promote Normal Nail Growth With Nail Bracing

If you are experiencing toenail issues, such as toe pain or deformed nails, please contact our friendly team to organise an initial consultation. Your podiatrist will provide a thorough assessment and develop a personalised treatment plan for you.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you find improved comfort and functionality.

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