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Doubleview Podiatry uses the latest technology for Gait analysis in Perth to diagnose common walking issues and optimise running technique.

Gait Analysis in Perth provides insight into one of our most basic functions, transport. Walking is a privilege most of us don’t consider in the natural course of our daily lives. It’s our most fundamental method of transport. The inability to walk or be mobile in modern society has serious ramifications in a person’s life. Many people can function with asymmetrical or abnormal gait patterns for years without any obvious symptoms. So when an injury occurs and individuals experience pain, their regular gait patterns will adjust. The initial trauma results in abnormal walking, pain and leads to bigger health issues. Examples of these are musculoskeletal problems, cardiovascular health complexes and mental health issues.

At Doubleview Podiatry, we use the state of the art Zebris Gait Analysis System which is the only diagnostic tool of this calibre in Perth. The measurement platform installed underneath the belt, contains a matrix of pressure sensors which are individually calibrated. During Gait Analysis patients can walk with or without shoes and so Zebris has developed a tool which caters to both. The data from the treadmill enables gait patterns to be analysed. Insoles and orthotics at Doubleview Podiatry create the basis of a customised therapy plan.

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