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Wart Treatment for Trail Running

Wart Treatment for Trail Running
May 14th, 2021 / Microwave Therapy

Wart Treatment for Trail Running

Plantar warts are a common viral skin condition that can cause pain and discomfort for trail runners.

Plantar warts have always been difficult to treat adequately in trail runners who want to continue running without pain and discomfort.

The 3 traditional treatments for plantar warts are:

  1. Freezing
  2. Surgery
  3. Chemical burning

These three methods involve some level of skin destruction or damage to have an effect. For the patient, these treatments often result in further discomfort and time away from training and competing. Paradoxically, these treatments have don’t always work, and even have high recurrence rates if they do initially destroy the wart. However, there is another option available that is less invasive.

Swift Microwave Treatment

Swift microwave is a new treatment option for trail runners with plantar warts. Swift works by inducing an immune response. Plantar warts are notorious for evading the body’s immune defences by hiding in the skin cells. When the Swift microwave is applied to the plantar wart a special protein is activated. This protein alerts the body’s immune system to the virus, which begins the fight against the virus itself, which is the root cause of the visible wart on the outside of the skin.

The advantage of the Swift microwave for trail runners is that there is no tissue destruction during treatment. This means no down time from training or competing. Swift is a great option for all warts, including those that have proven resistant to previous treatments.

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As an added BONUS, if you mention Transcend Trail Run we can offer you an obligation-free 10-minute assessment of your plantar wart to see if Swift treatment is right for you.

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