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Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

fungal nail laser treatment
October 30th, 2017 / fungal nail

What is a fungal nail infection?

One of the most common skin infections are fungal finger and toe nail infections. This is because the body is host to thousands, if not millions, of fungi, bacterium and other microorganisms which, under the right conditions, can cause disease. Toenail and fingernail fungus is one that often develops. Nail fungus is difficult to get rid of because it lives on the nail bed which is protected by the nail.

How does the Lunula laser work?

The Lunula cold laser works by killing off the fungus using photochemistry. The two laser beams rotate and provide the light to enable responses to occur in order to produce naturally occurring chemicals that kill the fungus while regenerating tissues. Sessions run for 12 minutes each with a one week interval between them.

How many laser treatments do I need?

This depends on how much the nails are affected. If 50% or less are infected, only 4 treatments are needed. For 50-80%, 6 treatments are required, or 8 if all the nails are involved.

Will it hurt?

No, Lunula laser treatment is not painful.

What should I expect?

To effectively treat your fungal nail infection, there’s an at-home protocol that must also be followed. This includes spraying bathroom surfaces with a provided antifungal spray, purchasing new socks/shoes, and keeping your feet dry by changing your socks frequently. Additionally, your shoes will be sterilized at the clinic while your feet are being treated.

Is it safe?

Yes, no complications have been reported with the Lunula laser.

How successful is the treatment?

Research has found that 89% of patients responded positively to the Lunula laser, even 6 months after their treatment.        

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