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December 9th, 2015 / falls assessment

Welcome to the Doubleview Podiatry patient newsletter.  A lot has changed since your last visit to Doubleview Podiatry.  For those of you who may not know, we recently welcomed Dr. Sara Halas to our team.

Fun Fact: Did you know that your feet contain a total of 52 bones? That’s about a quarter of all the bones in your body!

Do you feel unsteady when you walk? Are you worried that you might have a fall?

Your feet, footwear, and gait may be putting you at risk.

Studies have shown that foot pain and deformities such as bunions, hammer toes and ulcers can increase a person’s risk of having a fall. Muscle weakness due to age related changes can also reduce your balance and make you more unsteady.

There are a number of tests that can be done in the podiatry clinic to identify patients at a greater risk of having a fall. These include the Timed Up and Go test, and the Single Leg Stance test.

Your results may indicate areas where changes can be made to reduce your risk of suffering a fall in the future.

To book a Falls Assessment, you can phone our receptionist Sue on 08 9341 5166.

At Doubleview Podiatry we are committed to improving your foot health. As a special introductory offer, the first 3 people to book a Falls Assessment will receive a complimentary diagnostic Ankle Brachial index (ABI) test, a valid indicator of the presence or absence of peripheral vascular disease.

We look forward to seeing you at our practice soon.

Stephen, Sara and Sue

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