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Diabetes Testing

Diabetes Testing
August 10th, 2020 / Diabetic

Diabetes Testing

With an estimated 1.2 million Australians diagnosed with diabetes, there is a fair chance someone close to you has this insidious condition.

There are many complications associated with diabetes, and you may be surprised to know that some effect the feet.

One serious complication of diabetes is the diminished blood supply to your feet. If severe enough, this can cause a delay in wound healing, a decreased ability to fight off infections, which can sometimes result in amputation.

EVERY person with diabetes should have a yearly foot check, where the blood supply to the feet is tested.

At Doubleview Podiatry, we have recently invested in technology that can assess the blood flow to the toes. This can alert us to the presence of any blood flow changes to the feet, before you are aware of any changes.   We can assist you in taking steps to prevent further blood flow loss and potential damage to this vital part of your body.

If you know someone with diabetes, check in and ask them if they have had their toe blood flow assessed in the past 12 months. The chances are they haven’t.  You will be doing them a favour and maybe even preventing more serious issues developing.


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