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5 Boots to Avoid

5 Boots to Avoid
June 27th, 2017 / Blisters

Good quality boots are an investment for happy & healthy feet. If you think you’ll save by purchasing a cheap pair of boots, you’re likely to end up with sore feet, a bad mood and paying again when you decide to replace them with the right pair second time around.

5 Boots Clip Art Pals It’s important to ensure that the width, length and depth of the shoe are right for your foot, otherwise it will be constrained and this can cause bunions, blisters and corns. You can also develop a Morton’s neuroma (thickening of the nerve) which can feel like a pebble in your shoe and cause pain, burning, tingling and numbness. If you’re opting for a leather shoe remember that it will stretch about half a size after you wear it for a few days. In contrast, a synthetic shoe will ‘give’ very little and will be harder to wear-in over time. Regardless of your choice of materials, what’s important is that your boots feel comfortable when you buy them. Just in case they are not so comfy a few hours in, keep your receipt because some Perth retailers will offer a refund if the shoe has not been worn out of the house.
Boots Insole Perth Insoles alone don’t always provide enough arch support so it’s a good idea to look for boots with a removable insole. This means you can put some orthotics inside, should you require more support in future. Orthotics work by correcting the positioning of your feet to relieve pain and discomfort. If you already have orthotics, it’s a good idea to take them boot shopping, so you can make sure they fit before you take your new boots home.
Boots too high Perth If your boots are too high, they will place lots of pressure on the ball of the foot, which can cause a range of different issues. You can get calluses or corns building up, and these can be painful when they get very thick. High heels also cause your calf muscles to get shorter and tighter. This can stop your ankle from working properly, which can lead to other foot problems. The heel of your boot should be no higher than 5cm.
Construction Boots Perth It’s important to make sure your boots don’t bend like a ballet shoe, or twist very much. Flexible shoes provide almost no support, which can lead to pain and discomfort in your feet, especially if you’re on them all day. You need a little bit of flexibility at the toes to allow normal foot movement, however the middle of the shoe should be fairly stiff, as well as the heel.
Rain Boots Perth One of the reasons you’re buying a pair of boots is to protect your feet from the rain, so be mindful of this when you’re trying them on. It’s important to keep your feet dry to avoid developing fungal infections on the skin or nails, especially if you’re on your feet all day for work. Some materials can be treated to make boots water resistant, so they’re much less likely to leak. This can be easily done by picking up a spray from your supermarket. Keep in mind that water-resistant boots are still different from waterproof boots, such as wellingtons, which are more guaranteed to keep your feet dry.

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